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By the Founder of Nadgir Education Society
            It is my pleasure to congratulate you on your enrolling yourself as a student in our group of institutions, which are well known for the discipline, quality education and personality development. Every successful event is preceded by a conscious effort. It calls for a well designed plan and an equally efficient execution plan. The success story of developed nations, societies and even individuals revolve around knowledge, innovation and action in the pursuit of comfort, glory and joy. Resources, material and human, need to be put together intelligently for the benefit of mankind at large. Knowledge plays a very fundamental and important role in converting the human potential into wealth generation.

            India is blessed with vast human and material resource. The challenge today is to develop mechanisms to transform the potential into product for economic, social and national growth. A great scholar, reformer and spiritual master Swami Vivekananda said 'Education is the manifestation of Perfection already in Man'. What a profound statement and a revelation! We at Nadgir Education society believe that 'EDUCATION' is the process of chiseling out those attributes of an individual which do not confirm to the social order and bring out the "Idol" in the block through systematic and well developed process of education- the teaching learning process. We believe that teacher is a facilitator and guardian in the process of empowering the student to become a fully mature individual just like watering a plant, to grow into a high yielding tree in the days to come.

            Our efforts at Nadgir Education society are a drop in the ocean to make India an economically strong, socially harmonious and individually prosperous country. Our USP: State of the art infrastructure, high quality intellectual capital, vast experience in academics and enterprise management laced with strong moral and ethical values.

            Our students have excelled not only in academic activities by obtaining many university ranks but also have proved their mettle by taking part in curricular, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

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